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Funeral Home Accounting Services

funeral home accountingAt Orchard Accounting Inc., we offer funeral homes comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services combined with reliable financial advice. You can count on us for accounts payable and receivable, financial statements, month-end closings, bank reconciliations, and much more. When you work with us, we deliver all the conveniences of working with a large CPA firm combined with the personal attention of a smaller firm. You're always welcome to call us whenever you have questions and speak to a real person that understands your concerns and challenges.

We understand that tax planning is a key component in profitability for funeral homes. To keep your tax liabilities in check, we'll create a comprehensive strategy around your particular business that ensures you're in compliance with current tax regulations. Because we’ve worked with many funeral home businesses, we can identify industry-specific tax credits you’re entitled to and can determine which deductions will bring the most tax savings.

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Funeral Homes

prosperity report

Request our Free Funeral Home Prosperity Report now. It contains more information about how we assist funeral home owners in Ohio and outlines programs we offer for funeral home businesses.

We Help Funeral Home Owners Gain Control and Prosper

Building the value of a business and your personal wealth is not accidental. It requires a solid plan and the ability to consistently make quick, well-informed decisions. Orchard Accounting Inc. offers a variety of programs to help you understand profitability to build value and create personal wealth. Contact us now to learn more.

Effectively Navigate in a Changing Environment

In today’s world of changing tastes and preferences, you can’t run your funeral home business like you did in the past. You must be able to react quickly and make logical, well-informed decisions. We provide the timely, accurate, and easy-to-understand financial information that will empower you to avoid problems and identity opportunities. Having this data at your fingertips allows you to navigate your business so you keep traveling in the right direction.

The True Value of a Funeral Home Business

Grasping funeral home valuation is critical to building your personal wealth. The traditional methods of valuing a funeral home business have become outdated and misleading. Many factors contribute to the overall value but those elements are minimal compared to the earnings. As the owner, you have direct control over earnings, but you must have timely and accurate financial information to be able to properly exercise your influence, and we will provide it.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

"I can confidently say to anyone who is considering Orchard Accounting’s services, do it! You’ll get much more than you expect. They genuinely interested in helping you and your business grow and prosper." - Read More

"I have had major decisions to make about my business that had huge ramifications. The coaching and guidance I have received from Ron Parisi at Orchard Accounting Inc. have been vital." - Read More